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is global now! Academics, Behaviour & Personality
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We Care

We Care Are you sitting with your child in online classes and still not getting the desired output?
We Care Has your child lost interest in sessions or does not engage?
We Care Is your child not listening to you?
We Care Your child is overloaded with worksheets with very few or zero interactive sessions?

Kidway brings to you real LIVE interactive sessions more effective than any other online or physical class. Here kids develop a love for learning and are motivated to become the best versions of themselves!

Our Mantrafor fulfilling the dreams of parents

matter 1. Kids happiness

A healthy relationship between teacher and child ensures that the child gains maximum benefit. We will dance, laugh and do whatever it takes to make a friendly connection with them.

matter 2. Value for time and money

We have small batch sizes (1 or 2 kids) with 5 sessions every week. Also, every minute of the session is planned and targeted around your child’s needs. We understand what it takes to raise a child and thus, strive to give you the maximum output.

matter 3. Parent Satisfaction

You need not sit with your child during the sessions. Once we become friends with our students, they learn new things and become totally engaged with us. And we shall keep you updated about your child’s progress through communication, reports etc.

Academics, Behaviour and Personality development are interdependent.

Our decades of experience with young kids has helped us evolve teaching methodologies based on this fact. If atttude/behaviour is not right, a proper base for aptitude/studies can not be achieved. Right behaviour ensures that a child's learning trajectory is projected in the right direction. Personality development gives altitude to the children.

With the amalgamation of all three, they are able to achieve success in everything they do in life.

How do we achieve OVERALL DEVELOPMENT in your child?
abcOUR PROGRAMS ARE FOR KIDS BETWEEN 3 TO 12 YEARS We have 2 choices in the duration of sessionsabc

Covers Behavioral Grooming and brain boosting activities &

Choose Any 1 from
Choose Any 1 from

Foundation / enrichment programs

A. Maths

Calculations, Application Math, Geometry & Algebra

B. English

Reading by self,Comprehensive Reading & Grammar

Grooming programs

A. logic & Reasoning

Verbal, Non verbal, Aptitude & Reasoning

B. creative thinking

Imagination development, Synchronizing thoughts & Expressions in writing

C. personaity/ etiquettes & manners

Shyness removal, Daily habits, Public Speaking Current Affairs etc.


Covers Behavioral Grooming & brain boosting activities &

Complete Foundation / Enrichment Programs ( Maths and English ) Complete Grooming Programs ( Logic & Reasoning, Creative thinking & Writing, Personality/Etiquette and Manners )

Attributes of each session

Focus on complete conceptual clarity of any topic and keep revising it with kids before advancing.

Play different games at regular intervals in each session to boost their brains, keep them engaged and never let the fun element go missing.

Constantly keeping our kids motivated to practice good behaviour, and immediately correct them through discussions.

Kids develop good habits wilfully with time instead irritating them with a preach.

Freedom to speak for every kid, making sessions totally interactive.

Batch sizes are limited to 1 or 2 kids to ensure personalized attention.

    Our system is absolutely simple to use
  • Once you book a free introduction session, our expert educator will be scheduled for an interactive video call with your child.
  • The educator will identify the level from where your child can start.
  • You can avail free 3 days trial for complete satisfaction.
  • Parents may select the programs and pay accordingly
  • The classes will begin as per the roadmap designed for your child.
  • We share detailed progress reports periodically with parents.
  • We stay constantly in touch with parents for their day to day queries related to studies, personality and behaviour of their child.
My child is doing fine at school. Why do I need extra support for him?

Marks in exams are not a true indicator of your child's progress. Many children who get good marks in early years struggle in higher classes. This is because of a weak foundation. With years of experience, kidway teachers can identify the areas of weakness of your child at the right time. Once concepts become clear, you will be surprised to see your child's real potential.

Which board is covered in the curriculum?

Decades of experience has led to a range of broad, balanced and comprehensive curricular that meet the educational needs of every child and the world standards they need to. Be it be early years, US Core, Indian, British or IB, we cover all.

I want one to one class for my child. Is it possible?

One to one classes are available on demand. Please fill the Enquiry Form with your requirements. You can also mail us at We shall get back to you with the details as soon as possible.

My child makes a lot of silly mistakes and has poor concentration Can Kidway help?

Our system is designed to ensure that your child will learn at his/her own pace. The teachers are trained to easily identify the root cause and pattern of silly mistakes your child makes. The focus is on concepts. So, your child will gradually improve and build accuracy and speed.

My child is intelligent and grasps really fast. What added advantage can Kidway give?

We have basic programs to advance enrichment programs to cater specific requirements of our students. If your child grasps a concept faster, teachers will advance the topics accordingly, boosting logical, analytical, critical and creative thinking . Kidway has expertise in customised teaching basis children's needs.

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